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Temple began as a group of Christians who had two interests. One, a love of God and his righteousness, and secondly, a love for singing the praises of our Lord. Continuing as a choir for one year, on May 15th, 1930, they organized as a church. This was done at 558 NW 19th street here in Miami, FL, the home of the late Reverend L.A. Thompson (elected pastor). They began holding their services in the hall of the United Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A.) which was located at NW 19th street and 4th court. However, being an industrious and independently minded group of people, they soon purchased a wooden framed structure and after placing it on the site began having services. In 1932, the late Elder A.M. Cohen, of The Church of God in Christ (our neighbor to the north) donated benches to the fledging flock. The wooden structure was then torn down in preparation for the building of the present edifice.

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